Reza Mokhtarian and Capital Trust Market scam

I assume you’ve already read and along with¬† Reza is a nasty piece of work.

He registered a company in New Zealand a few years back. No requirements to be authenticated, but then started proffering his sage investment advice on how to make money in the markets.

He had a Forex Trading Brokerage. In 2015, according to insiders who used to work for him, and who were having to fight with him to even get their wages paid, Reza controlled everything to do with the money. Credit card payments were routed via Cyprus, and Wire transactions came to an account here in Canada, where I am. I lost over $30,000 to this scumbag.

In 2015, the records show that Reza didn’t invest any of the clients money he was legally required to protect in segregated trust accounts into the foreign exchange markets, instead he “b-booked” them all. Those that lost, duly lost, and Reza collected. Those that won like me, got challenged, told they were breaking his terms, and that he’d return the initial deposit but not the winnings. This is what he told me. He didn’t. He kept it all.

His ex-wife Maria Vassileva (she left him a few months ago, but Reza denies it. Must hurt that those closest to him have gotten sick of his lies and shit and left him to pick up the pieces) and runs a cafe in my home town Toronto ….Last I checked cafe owners don’t make a huge income so it is curious to me that she drives a Ferrari. Some might find me posting her details spurious, but when you get married, you become party to any crime that’s going on in your home, unless you can prove beyond a shadow of doubt that you had no idea. I give Maria the opportunity to provide clear irrefutable evidence that she has had no idea that her husband is a conman, a scammer, a fraudster and I’ll remove her information. You might also be aware that when you’re married if you get into debt you’re both responsible. You can’t just throw up your hands and lay blame on the other. So my assumption is she’s driving a Ferrari and was living the high life based on fraudulently gotten money, part of which is mine. If my wife was sitting beside me while I robbed the bank, then she’s going to be implicated too. Having left her scamming lying scumbug douche of a husband, she has commenced a new career as a real estate agent for Royal Le Page¬† Good luck to her. The only wise thing I can see she’s done is left the scumbag. Hopefully she helps to take him down even more.

Reza has likely taken over $500,000 and I’ve been in discussions with a number of federal agencies and the case against him is not nice (for him!). The sooner he pays it back, the less time he’s likely to serve.

Having had a number of emails back and forth with him to try and get my money – the conclusion I have come to is the only time I can believe anything he’s saying is when he has his mouth shut.

I feel sorry for those who probably once knew a nice guy who was determined and driven and followed an ethical path about his life. The man now is obviously unaware what’s coming for him in legal implications and hopefully as things get stripped down from him both physically and emotionally, he’ll be able to recover and sort himself out. He’s a sad state of affairs right now.

Reza Mokhtarian and Capital Trust Market scam